Reimagining Curacies

A new approach to developing clergy into transformative leaders

Reimagining Curacies focuses on developing clergy into transformative leaders during their initial placements in congregations after they graduate from seminary. While traditional curacies place new priests in one congregation for two or three years, this new model assigns cohorts of three priests to three vibrant congregations, with each priest serving one year in each congregation. The congregations differ in size, liturgical preference, racial and ethnic composition, community context and specialized ministries. North Carolina’s rich mixture of urban, suburban and rural communities in close proximity to each other provide a unique opportunity for priests to experience the range of challenges and gifts the state’s communities have to offer.

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Embracing the challenge of forming and shaping leadership for congregations in the 21st century.

the rt. rev. sam rodman

Reimagining Curacies is made possible by the Lilly Endowment, Inc.’s Thriving in Ministry grant.